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Dual Wiping Blades Vs. Single Wiping Blade

Our dual bladed squeegees provide the same proven added efficiency found on other multi bladed products such as razors.  What the first blade skips the second blade captures.  The best feature of our dual bladed squeegees however, is that unlike traditional squeegees, they will clean unwanted water from contoured, irregular, curved and flat surfaces...  surfaces that are often encountered in a bath or shower.  That’s because the blades have extraordinary amount of flex and softness allowing them to get every drop.

Replacement Wiping Blades

Replacement wiping blades are offered for all bladed models and the iDO squeegee.  To purchase replacement blades Click Here.  It is impossible to guarantee wiping blade length life. However, under normal conditions the blades should provide satisfactory service for an acceptable period of time. 

How To Replace Wiping Blades

To remove your old blades simply pull them out lengthwise along the handle.  They have been designed to fit snugly so it may take a little effort.

To install the new blades two methods are outlined below.   

Method # 1.  Simply slide the new blades into the handle.  Please note however, the slots in the handle are of slightly different curvature then the portion of the blade which fits into the slot.  As a result,  the end of the blade(s) may "catch" on the second end cap as you attempt to slide the new blade through the handle.  If that happens, stand the handle on the second end cap on a flat surface (table, etc.) and gently tap the top of the blade until it passes through the second end cap. 

Method # 2.  Place the handle on a flat surface with the slots for the wiping blades facing up.  Hold the handle with one hand and push the blade down into the slot.  It's best to push the blade in at a slight angle to the handle rather than pushing it in parallel.  Install the second blade in the same manner.


We want you to be satisfied with your Cleret product. Our Customer Service team is here to help you. If your squeegee is not performing to your expectations, please contact us to help resolve problems.


We provide a 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy for our web store orders.  Also, all Cleret products are warranted against original defects in material or workmanship.

What Makes Cleret Squeegees So Special?

Design.  Most squeegees look like … well, something only a janitor would use. It’s not hard to see why the ugly, industrial looking squeegee has become the brunt of jokes and symbol unpleasant work tasks.  No more!  With a emphasis on design, Clerét is changing how people view and use squeegees.

Function.  Unlike other companies that produce squeegees only to round out a product line, at Clerét, squeegees are our only business. Therefore, due care is taken to ensure that all of our squeegees provide outstanding performance. In addition, all of our squeegees are ergonomically designed to fit the hand better thus reducing strain on the wrist.

Quality.  Only the finest materials are used in all of our squeegees.

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Do You Offer Extensions Poles

Unfortunately no.  Our window squeegees are targeted to the “recreational” window washer.  More precisely, folks that simply need a good squeegee to clean easy to reach windows, patio doors, etc. 

If you need an extension pole we suggest contacting one of the companies that produce products for professional window cleaners

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